Our services include the following:
  • Provision of Offshore Marine Vessels
  • Marine Logistic Support Services
  • Creek Equipment Leasing
  • Swamp “Rig-move” Logistics Services

Marine Logistic Support Services & Leasing
Oil field supplies and operations often require special expertise and handling capabilities. Trucking Land & Sea Nig. Ltd is experienced in providing marine equipment and logistics to support oil and gas industry projects. With our fleet of offshore vessels, Barges and Tugboats we provide the necessary service to our client. We have handled the delivery of equipment for so many companies in different locations. Some of our available marine equipment includes Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV), Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels, Tug Boats, Barges, House Boats, Crew boats etc.

Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel 65 tons Bollard Pull
Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel 85 tons Bollard Pull
Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel 65 tons Bollard Pull
1000 BHP Tug Boat (MV D’EBERE)
1000 Ton Ramp Barge (ALICE III)

Swamp Rig Move
One of the major areas in Marine Operation that Trucking Land & Sea Limited specialise in is the planning and execution of Swamp Rig Moves. We take care of the whole logistics involved in moving Swamp Rigs such as drawing up a standard Rig move plan, supply of experienced Rig movers, interface with host communities on community issues and settlement. Trucking Land & Sea Limited has successfully handled Rig Moves while meeting up with GOAL-ZERO (Accident-free completion of task). We always work as a team with the drilling and producing company to achieve safe and accident free operation.

Generally, at Trucking Land & Sea Limited we take pride in running an efficient and capable organization, with special emphasis on:

  • Safety – Safety always holds the highest priority on our work sites. Prior to each contract, starting a Safe Work Method Statement is written, a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is carried out and regular tool box meetings are conducted to ensure each person working on the project is aware of changing hazards as the job progresses. This has resulted to zero time lost accidents in the period 2005 to 2011.
  • Scheduling - we are serious about the client's time requirements and emphasize the importance of schedule on all our projects. We control our critical path project schedules using a certified project planner method.
  • Quality Workmanship - we are not interested in cutting corners. We deliver what is specified, in the manner specified. We won't be leaving the job until it is right, and until we have effectively created a project of which we can be proud.
  • Communication - We deal with any issues and problems as they arise and as imbedded in the contract, and we respond in a timely, professional, & courteous manner. We keep the “paper flowing” and lines of communication open so that all parties are kept informed on what has happened, what is happening, and what needs to happen.
  • Price - We have a low overhead and so we are able to price competitively.
    Again, a good community relation is always integrated in the planning stages of all our projects. Hence to assure a hitch free operation, Trucking Land & Sea Limited will remain sensitive to the needs of the host communities, establish and maintain close contacts with all genuine interest groups of the community in our area of operation. This is normally achieved by
    • liaising with the client before embarking on any community settlements prior to any operation and formulating an adequate community work plan for each project.
    • employing skilled community members in the execution of our jobs involving members of the host community as sub-contractors in areas where they are capable.
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