TRUCKING LAND AND SEA NIGERIA LIMITED is an indigenous service company, backed by enterprising individuals with exposure and experience in Marine Logistics Support Services.

Since Incorporation, TLS NIGERIA LIMITED has grown steadily in service, reliability, partnership and scope of service which include Provision of Offshore Vessels, Marine Equipment Leasing & Support Services, Marine Rig Move & Haulage services.   

TLS NIGERIA LIMITED is relentlessly engaged in establishing new contacts and partners to support and improve her base as a Sea support service enterprise.
We take pride in our attitude to service and business relationships and we believe in professionalism and client satisfaction.
Our personnel extensive field experiences can bring people and materials together to execute effectively, service tasks.

TLS NIGERIA LIMITED believes in protecting the client’s interest and guarantees professionalism and reliably.

TLS NIGERIA LIMITED has established safety and environmental protection policies and procedures to fulfill the objectives of the safety management system. Our exceptional safety record, corporate core values, strong client relationship, community partnership and proficient staff have gone a long way in enriching our impact in the industry.

TLS is built on a tradition of service that is uncompromising as it is far reaching. Our firm is defined in terms of edge in quality service delivery and efficiency by continually employing new concepts and techniques in response to a rapid changing business climate and the ever-growing demand for marine services and logistics support in the West African sub-region.

At TLS the imperativeness of capacity building has led to the generation of new ideas and their development in the global market place. This involves a deliberate emphasis on thinking ahead, targeted networking and establishment of a solid base of reliable partnership across the global center of industrial business and commercial activities.

The development of a dedicated core of highly motivated staff that are abreast of current trends and developments in the global industry constitutes a major plan in this strategy. Our staff training and human resource development programs are geared towards meeting present and long term needs and requirements in the industry. The marriage of staff development and the application of the latest technology can only generate a momentum that will propel the company to higher heights, thus ensuring that our customers and numerous clients are satisfied in all respect. Our vision of the future remains focused. The building of integrated marine and land logistics Support Company that prides itself on service efficiency, reliability, and the breaking of new frontiers in an ever-competitive business climate, is our ultimate goal.  

TLS and its employees “goal” is customer satisfaction. We adapt ourselves to each client’s style of business and perform all tasks with efficiency and friendly attitude. Every employee knows that this is what is expected of him/her everyday. To achieve our goals, we improve our services daily. Total customer satisfaction is the result of this focus on quality for all TLS services.

At TLS, we are constantly learning tomorrow’s logistics systems. Alongside strong motivation and periodic performance evaluation of our employees against set targets, we always review targets periodically and back it up with a job satisfying reward system.


At TRUCKING LAND & SEA LIMITED, we see ourselves as major stakeholder in the quest to achieve sustainable development. Hence, our operations are continually geared towards achieving a balance between ecologically sound measures and practices and the optimal utilization of available resources. This emphasis is brought to bare in the handling of equipment, security and field operations. Protecting the environment from our standpoint is a social responsibility and necessarily an end in itself because our future and that of our numerous clients depend on it. The task before us consists in developing a Long-term and future-oriented conceptual thinking and planning processes to meet the challenge of the environmental regeneration and renewal in the face of the rapid depletion of available resources.

TRUCKING LAND & SEA LTD now has the potentials of a multi-national company, judging from our activities and achievements in the Marine, Oil & Gas Sectors, Logistic Support Services, and Import & Export Services, Supply of Industrial equipment, machines & Tools to numerous companies related to our scope.

There is hardly any doubt; TRUCKING LAND & SEA LIMITED provides the premium edge in marine transportation and logistics support services in Nigeria and West Africa Sub-region on account of our unique vision of the future. We remain focused with the peak as our goal.

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